Hei, sender over litt mere info om Hygain 3750 (som LA2ZJA bruker).

Spanning all amateur bands from 1.8 through 29.7 MHz, the 3750 utilizes advanced phase-lock-loop frequency circuitry to lock the first local oscillator with the VFO, providing direct injection into the first I-F at 9 MHz that incorporates a narrow band SSB crystal filter; this virtually eliminates receiver image and spurious response problems ...other features include a noise blanker, vox and sidetone circuits, a computer memory that lets you store in your favorite frequency and return later with a flick of a switch, S2002 finals, and cooling fan. 

Design specified by HyGain sales engineer John Fuhrman, K0LFA, and manufactured by Matsushita Electronics of Japan (parent company of Panasonic and Japan National Radio), only a few hundred radios were imported and sold by HyGain Electronics, of Lincoln Nebraska, in the mid 1970s as the "HyGain 3750". The rig has garnered rave reviews from owners and former owners. One veteran contester in Lincoln has been quoted as saying "You don't want to use it as a contest radio - everyone will be stopping you to ask you what kind of radio you are using because the audio sounds so good". 

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